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Just shitty thoughts while the future it rots
An absent mind is the only thing that I got now
A slew of battles all lost that I've fought
I'm left with nothing, and there ain't nothing I want

The love I gave only destroyed all my trust

And human contact starts to twist up your guts
I'm just surrounded by nothing but nuts
I'm feeling nothing, ain't no more ties left to cut
It's been a while that been out of touch
Wish for the best, but still the weight is to much
Take a bow as your spirit gets crushed
trying to make the most of life but not able of such
Not so sure your heart still even functions
It feels like ages that you've only felt nothing
Can't find a connection despite all your hunting
Give up and drop out.
It's either that or keep suffering and die
It seems your brain only knows how to sin
Held back by your problems within
Hang your head down in shame once again
I owe 'em nothing, I only take what I can.

And after all that's been said
Ain't no sense left inside of your head?
I got no worries, and got no fears left to tread.
Getting used to the problems your seein'
Familiar feeling of your will as it weakens
Can't run from the depression that deepens
Straight to the bottom, you feel yourself slowly sinking
A constant hole that you can't ever fill
And everyday is the run of the mill
Your inspiration, it is constantly killed
And all the bruises seem never to heel
Will never feel it again
Recovering from the time already spent
The easy feelings came as quick as they went
Left you with nothing, but only wounds you can't mend

You're out of time
Only seems that your worlds in decline
Pay 'em no mind
And always try to convince yourself that you're fine
And all the regress
And all the time spent depressed
Despite all that you invest
Your goodwill always proves to be less


from Irrational, released September 6, 2013




Sick Visions Volta Redonda, Brazil


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