by Sick Visions

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Recorded and produced by André Leal and Kleber Mariano at Estúdio Jukebox in the beggining of 2013.


released September 6, 2013




Sick Visions Volta Redonda, Brazil


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Track Name: Headwound
You said that you'd never hurt me again
And wouldn't tell me no lies
But when you left my mind lying on the ground
It wasn't no big surprise
I should have known not to trust in your words
Or to trust you with mine
Your heart is dirty and your feelings are empty
I wish I had seen all the signs

Hopeless and helpless, the only things that I felt
Bitter and distant, just left with bruises and welts
Left with only remnants and scars
I let down my guard, just to get ripped apart

There ain't no use in all of this crying
Over all the spilt beer
The days are endless and the minutes they pass
Just the same as the tears
Oh how I wish I had known then
What it is I know now
Everything that you put me through
I just can't understand how
Track Name: Weight of the World
I got a brain I never use
You´d prefer to die if you if you saw what your life would one day come to
At one time you had it all
Then came to many problems that you could ever solve
Doin nothing but killing your conscience
Won´t have nothing when your prime, someday is all behind you
And sometimes feel your breaking up
And just every day awestruck at how everything is fucked
These bitter feeling are always pending
The future you see aint lookin to steap and seems as dim as ever
There´s a presence that´s long lost
And your own mind you can never trust
It´s all out of grasp of your control
You don´t have nothing, and all of your friends seem to hardly know you
Issues increasing all ten-fold
All aspects of life you learn just rape your soul
Fresh out of better options to choose
It seems you never, put your head to and use or goodwill
All regrets are adding up
Efforts worth nothing, I tell the world to get the fuck off my back
Your minds out of touch
And your spirits so crushed
You heave and you hurl
Against the weight of the world
And nobody has anything
And everybody dies alone
Track Name: Watch it Decline
Pre-occupied with the end on my mind
The only way you know to kill all your time
You just see trouble at the end of the line
No end in sight but still the end it comes by now
First sign of problems and your mind just sees trouble
And it don’t take long before the problems seem doubled
A tired mind and you´d rather just forfeit
Can´t crack a smile no matter how hard your force ti
It all just grows in your head
Your better judgment for some time has been spent
Some compensation for my time
So sick of trying just to watch it decline

The end it comes in due time
Sick of being so tired inside
You´re always feeling deprived
And slowly watching yourself in decline
It´s all a game you can´t win
You feel the grind all the way to the end
You see the purpose disappear
And gotta stop yourself from punching a mirror
Got no fucks left to give
Just coming down to the last of your wits
These people make me want to spew
You feel the grips no matter what good you do
Track Name: Bad Sense
I´ve already been all alone
Already begged for some help
Already slept on the streets
And caused some harm to myself

Already experienced pain
Already asked for a hand
Already slept on the streets
And did some shit that was bad

I´ll probably do it again
Track Name: Salt in the Wounds
All the hardships that you have don't mean much
They will only hurt you with time
And all this endless pressure you feel
It never leaves and it never lets up
Everyday it seems you're seeing too much
You can't stop all your surroundings
Ain't strong enough to stand without a crutch
You constantly feel like your drowning

Giving nothing because you'll only get the same in return
Living with nothing because you will only lose it someday
And all your efforts don't pay off in the end
They will only bitter your heart
It'll get better someday when
You feel your world stop falling apart

The world always seems like it wants to destroy you
They all just want to pour salt in your wounds
Feeling pain just like nobody knows
A mound of scars is hard to undo
The world don't care about all your woes
They don't pretend to care about all your woes
Can never help but give in to the pressure
Watch your life as it loses it's thrill

The depression's to strong
The minutes all feel to long
A hell without any purpose
My mind is doing me wrong
Track Name: Irrational
Just shitty thoughts while the future it rots
An absent mind is the only thing that I got now
A slew of battles all lost that I've fought
I'm left with nothing, and there ain't nothing I want

The love I gave only destroyed all my trust

And human contact starts to twist up your guts
I'm just surrounded by nothing but nuts
I'm feeling nothing, ain't no more ties left to cut
It's been a while that been out of touch
Wish for the best, but still the weight is to much
Take a bow as your spirit gets crushed
trying to make the most of life but not able of such
Not so sure your heart still even functions
It feels like ages that you've only felt nothing
Can't find a connection despite all your hunting
Give up and drop out.
It's either that or keep suffering and die
It seems your brain only knows how to sin
Held back by your problems within
Hang your head down in shame once again
I owe 'em nothing, I only take what I can.

And after all that's been said
Ain't no sense left inside of your head?
I got no worries, and got no fears left to tread.
Getting used to the problems your seein'
Familiar feeling of your will as it weakens
Can't run from the depression that deepens
Straight to the bottom, you feel yourself slowly sinking
A constant hole that you can't ever fill
And everyday is the run of the mill
Your inspiration, it is constantly killed
And all the bruises seem never to heel
Will never feel it again
Recovering from the time already spent
The easy feelings came as quick as they went
Left you with nothing, but only wounds you can't mend

You're out of time
Only seems that your worlds in decline
Pay 'em no mind
And always try to convince yourself that you're fine
And all the regress
And all the time spent depressed
Despite all that you invest
Your goodwill always proves to be less